School graduations and excursions

We invite you to celebrate school graduation holidays with special dinosaur challenges and unlimited entertainment all day in Dino Park!

Dinosaur challenges

  • T-Rex train
  • An unpredictable maze of mirrors
  • Monkey riddle trap
  • Extraordinary Treasures of the Upside Down House
  • Dwarf Secret Service Challenges

We will reward children who survive the jungle challenges and overcome the dinosaurs with gold or similar

Park tour

This is an extremely fun and active excursion through the park, getting to know our trained pet dinosaurs and other park pets. Together with the group, we will go on a fun prehistoric adventure and learn many incredible and interesting facts about dinosaurs.

Unlimited entertainment

When you book a graduation party or class trip at Dino Park, you can not only party all day in the wild with our pet dinosaurs, but also try out all of the included attractions such as the 5D cinema, a hill of bat, electric cars, trampolines, laser guns, carousels and more.

Per child: 13 €
Free for teacher(s).

P.S. School graduation parties/excursions will be based on real-time LR restrictions.