Dino Park has a grill café, ice cream parlour and pizzeria, and when you leave the park, you can enjoy a delicious meal at the Radailiai Manor restaurant.

Let us move away from plastic

Plastic is a threat to the environment, so we need to work together to be aware and find environmentally friendly alternatives.
  • Straws do not have to be plastic. Straws are reusable ones that you can conveniently carry in your handbag or backpack (bamboo, straw, metal or paper).
  • Disposable utensils and tools do not have to be plastic. Paper, cane or wooden containers are great alternatives.
  • Takeaway dishes do not have to be plastic either. Of course, we recommend ordering only as much food as you will eat in the first place. However, if the portion is larger than you can afford, the choice of eco-friendly takeaway containers is constantly expanding. You can use stable sugar cane containers, which are watertight and keep food warm for a long time. There is also a variety of paper boxes for food.
  • For coffee cups, also choose reusable or environmentally friendly disposable cups. Also, consider the lid of the cup. There are two choices here: paper and PLA lids. The latter option looks like plastic and gives you a peek into the cup before opening it.